What Lies Beneath 

Commissioned by Elisava University (Exhibited in Barcelona, IDEAL Contemporary Art Centre, 2022) 

A short film exploring how our community navigates British society and how the political, social and economic landscape of the UK has affected ethnic minorities. The film considers how we, collectively and individually, are constantly fighting for our right to exist freely. 

Written, Directed & Produced by AZEEMA Agency - Jameela Elfaki, Sunayah Arshad, Evar Hussayni 

Editor - Jameela Elfaki 

Subtitles - Sunayah Arshad 

Grade - Carter Simpkin 

Sound Design -Olivia Melkonian 

Voices - Larena Amin, Nour Khairi, Dalia Al-Dujaili, Mumtaz Sheikh, Tahera Khalifa, Ghaith Hilal 

Digital + VHS footage - Jameela Elfaki, Sunayah Arshad, Evar Hussayni, Dalia Al-Dujaili, Naailah Khalifa, Fatima Benjelloun, Samara Amjad 

Drone footage + Operator - Stem Studios

Co - Director 

In collaboration with Pinterest UK, we documented three groups of wonderful women from our beautiful community in London and discovered how they observe Ramadan and celebrate Eid. Touching on rituals of food, henna and more, they give us a glimpse into their cultures and traditions, and what makes this time of year so special. 

Creative Director and Co-Director: Jameela Elfaki 

Executive Producer, VHS Footage + Subtitles: Sunayah Arshad 

Co-director, Art Director & Interviews: Evar Hussayni 

Videographer, Editor & Colour Grader: Angela Steps

1st AC: Yzza Slaoui

Creative Consultant: Ayat Al-Muhaisen 

MUA: Maha Alselami 

Sound: ‘Tal3a’ ‘طالعة’ by Kareem Samara & Bint Mbareh 

Talent: Shayma Bakht, Afsha Bakht & Munir Baig, Isra & Aminah Al Kassi, Malika Satori, Hanane Taoubi & Rasha Boche

Executive Producer, Casting + Creative Direction

Move without limits - Nike x AZEEMA

Using Format