Dubbed a cultural taste maker, vibe maker and creative leader. Nottingham born and raised - Jameela blends sounds from her East Midlands - British upbringing with her African roots, blending cultures, rhythms and sounds. Nottingham is a hub for underground music, and growing up there Jameela was surrounded by dub, jungle, rnb, soul and UK funky. 

Jameela references melodic sounds inspired by her mother who is a classically trained singer, and love of rhythms inspired by her father who was a DJ who played vinyl Reggae music and also played the Djembe drums at home. With a musical background in singing/music composition and a natural ear for harmonious sounds, and Jameela’s love of rhythms and dancing she brings a plethora of sounds to every set. You can catch her playing a wide range of music from many corners of the world, House, R&B, Afro-house, UK funky, Garage to Grime, dub and Jazz. 

Since moving to London in 2012, Studying Fashion Communication and promotion at Central Saint Martins, Jameela founded AZEEMA in 2017, (meaning strength in Arabic) a fashion and culture magazine focusing on Black and Brown Women. She enjoys discovering more African and Arab sounds every day which you can find peppered into her sets.. 

Spinning sounds for the likes of fashion brands like Axel Arigato, and nights like Faem e li by DJ’s Rishy Malik and Sanasesh, and cultural locations like the Tate Modern and The Standard.

Jameela also plays as a duo under 2spice.mp3


Founded in 2020 as an audio extension of AZEEMA Mag. Music plays a huge part in all our different cultures and one of the most special ways to bring people together is through sound. AZEEMA FM features DJ guest mixes, and parties highlighting women and non-binary folk from around the world in both digital and physical spaces. Featuring the likes of Lady Shaka, Yasmin, Cardamami, Manuka Honey, Leila Moon and more.

In 2021 Jameela started curating a guest mix series to celebrate the global sounds, diversity and the talent of the international AZEEMA community. This ongoing series features a range of sounds from Reggae, Dub to Afro-tech house, South Asian bangers and UKG. 

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